(a)  It is as old as man and creation. The following table indicates the date of birth of Vedic Dharma and important religions of the world :-

1. Vedic Dharma                                                       Since creation(लगभग २ अरब वर्ष)

2. Budhism and Jainism (circa)                                                 1500 BC

3. Judaism                                                                                    1200 BC

4. Christianity                                                            Some 2000 years back

5. Islam                                                                                           570 AD

6. Sikhism                                                                                     1469 AD


(b) It does not make man slave to any particular seer or prophet. No man, howsoever high and noble he may have been, had attained perfection or absolute knowledge.

(c)  It offers full description of God, soul and matter and their relation to one another.

(d) It is for the benefit and guidance of all peoples, without distinction of caste, creed, place or time.

(e) It can stand the severest scrutiny of reason.

(f) There is no conflict between its tenets and philosophy and science.

(g) Vedic God is Omni-present, Omni-potent and Omni-scient. He does not live somewhere in the Heavens.

(h) Vedic God is just and benevolent. He awards to the souls fruits of their good and bad deeds in strict accordance with inexorable Law of Karma. He does not accept any recommendations or intercession from any one, howsoever, evolved he may be.

(i) Vedic God does not engage himself in the wanton act of creating souls, embodying them, giving them pleasures and pains without any rhyme and reason, putting end to their earthly existence after a short duration of some 10 , 20 , 50 , or 100 years , keeping them in unconcious bondage in the graves for millions of years and finally sending them to Heaven or Hell for all times on the basis of acts done in their short lives on earth.

(j) Vedic God gives to the souls opportunities after opportunity to reform and evolve by granting them lives after lives. Even the most wicked person gets a ray of hope that all is not lost and that he would be able to reform himself in some subsequent life if not in the present one.

(k) The Vedic concept of God and soul is supremely sublime, extremely logical and easily comprehensible. It has a direct appeal to the mind and intellect.

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