India the cradle of civilisation

India the cradle of civilisation           

It is a fact, that all the sciences and arts and religions, that are now found in the whole world , took their original start from Aryavarta. Dr. Jacoliot a Frenchman , writes in his “Bible in India” that Aryavarta is the fountain-head of all knowledge and morals ; and all sciences and arts and religions have spread out from this very land. He prays to God : O Lord, may my country make as much progress as was made by the ancient Aryavarta ! Also, Darashikoh was of the same opinion, namely , Sanskrit was unsurpassed in systematising and perfecting knowledge by any other language on the earth. He expresses his opinion in his translation of the Upanishats, though he studied Arabic and many other tongues, yet he did not get his doubts removed and he got no solace; but when he studied Sanskrit and got himself acquainted with Sanskrit knowing people, all his doubts were removed and he became very happy . Also, see the zodiac representation in the temple of Mann  at Benares which is not kept even in proper repairs and preserved from the ravage of time. Still how excellent it is , and how clearly it show the progress made in ancient time by the country in astronomy and the method of studying the stars. It will be very beneficial to the scientific world, if the Jeypore State keeps it in repairs and protects it from injury. So this splendid country, the jewel on the world, got such a rude shock from the Great War, that it has not recovered from it till now, exemplifying to the world that ruin is undoubtedly complete when brothers fight each other and come to blows.

When  very learned men, kings, emperors , sages and philosophers were killed on the battle-field of Kurukshetra, or otherwise died during the Great War, knowledge declined and decayed in Aryavarta and with it disappeared the religion of the Vedas. So the country fell to pieces. The ancient custom of studying and teaching the Vedas and other sciptures with meanings died away. The Brahmanas studied only so much without meaning as sufficed them for their livelihood, and even that they did not teach to the Kshatriyas and others; for, when the people became ignorant and instituted priestcraft ; fraud, deception and irreligion took their root among them and thrived mightily. Brahmins began to feel their ground, and snared all others in their net of implicit obedience and got them under their complete control. They then taught (see Pandava Gita ).

                                                     ब्रह्मवाक्यं जनार्दनः ।

That whatever they said, was like what fell from the mouth of God himself.

No doubt, it is true that the person is ruined who hates the men well-versed in the Vedas and the nature of God, and who are virtuous and philanthrophic. But it is not proper to call them Brahmins or to serve them who are not really so.

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