The first man to give the call of Swaraj

Swaraj Slogan History 

Swami Dayananda was the first man to give the call of Swaraj to his countrymen. He said emphatically: “The Swaraj is always the best thing. A foreign government cannot be beneficial even when it is free from religious-bias, race-prejudices and is just and sympathetic.” He enjoined this upon his every follower to start his day with the following prayer: “O, Supreme Being, the Great Ruler of the Rulers, stimulate us with appropriate courage, fortitude, moral goodness, courtesy, power, strength of body and mind and such other virtues that we may be independent and enjoy sovereign imperial sway. May no foreigner come to our country to rule over us, and may we never lose our political independence and become enslaved to foreigners.”

Later Bal gangadhar tilak gave a famous slogan on Swaraj :-

“swaraj is my birthright”


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