The List of the Books dealing with the Vedic Sciences

The List of the Books dealing with the Vedic Sciences

1. The four Vedas : They are the repository of all true knowledge. Being so they contain there in the elements of all true sciences. For their through study the Nirukta of Yaska is the most helpful treatise.

2. Brahmanas : These treatises are the commentary on the Vedas. They deal with the miscellaneous sciences. Shatapatha is the most important of all these Brahmanas. There were many Brahmanas but they are not survivng to our times due to the cruel cycle of time.

3. Charak and Shushruta : These are the treatises of medical branches of vedic sciences with special reference to alcoholic and calcinating chemistry.

4. Samkhya Nyaya and Vaisheshik : These are the treatises on philosophical thoughts. But they deal with physics and chemistry. Atomic theory was made known to people first by Kapila, Gotama and Kanada.

5. Suryasidhanta : It is one of the six limbs of the Veda. It deals with astronomy and mathematics etc. This branch of science flourished to its highest peak in India in ancient time. Many valuable works were produced by the scientists at different times.

6. Dharma Sutras or Smritis : Some of them are concerned with the sciences of chemistry and physics. Cosmology has been also dealt with in them.

7. Katyayana Shulba Sutra and some shrauta Sutras : These sutras are the parts of one limb of the veda which mentions the application of the vedic hymns into performance of yajna. For performance of such yajnas there stands the need of yajna Kundas. These are made of various shapes. For their shapes exact measurement is required. This requirement made the priests to invent various formulae of mathematics especially of Geometry. These are the shulba Sutras which gave those formulae of Geometry which were later known to Greek geometricians. 47th theorem of the Euclidian geometry has been borrowed from the Katyayana shulba sutra.

8. Gobhila Grihya sutra : It is a treatise on homely sacraments. But in one chapter we find a mention of the names of fire in confirmity to its various operations.

 There was a long list of treatises on the various branches of science, which were lost in course of time and now are not available. The under-mentioned list will speak of that fact : –

1. Shakti sutram by Agastya : The subject of the book is quite clear from its name. What is power or energy was purely and exclusively discussed in the book.

2. Saudamini Kala by Ishwar : Saudamini is the name of electricity having its position and origination in cloud. For the operation of airship in the space knowledge of this subject was treated most necessary. The book dealt with this subject.

3. Shuddhividya Kalapam by Ashvalayana : The method of purifying metals seems to be the subject dealt with in the book.

4. Brahmanda Sarah by vyasa : The term Brahmanda signifies the whole universe with an especial reference to heavenly bodies and the vast space.

5. Anshumattantram and Anshujnanam by Bharadwaja : These were the treatises on the subject concerned with luminous bodies, light and its expansion in the space etc.

6. Chhandah Kaustubha by Parashara : These treatise was concerned merely with meters.

7. Kaumudi by Sinhkotha

8. Rupashakti Prakarnam by Angirasa : This treatise was mainly concerned with the science of various forms presented by the light waves in the space as well as the operation of energy the knowledge of which was taken to be necessary for the pilots of the planes.

9. Karaka prakarnam by Angirasa : How the hail storms originate and how the water freezes in the cloud were dealt with in the book.

10. Akashashastram by Bharadwaja : This book treated with subject of vast interstellar space and cosmic rays etc.

11. Agatattva Lahari by Ashvalayana : It was mainly concerned with the various kinds of diseases and their treatments.

12. Yantrasarvasvam by Bharadwaja : It was concerned with the science of airships and their operations etc.

13. Lohashastram by Shaktayana : The various use of the steel was described in this treatise.

14. Jivasarvasvam by Jaimini : The subject of the book is not known. But it might have dealt with the problems of humanity.

15. Karmabdhiparah by Apastamba : This was the treatise on the subject of the law of action and its fructification.

16. Dhatusarvasvam by Bauddhayana : This book was concerned with the various process, names, forms and uses of metals and minerals.

17. Ruk hridayam by Atri : It was mainly concerned with mortal diseases and their treatment.

18. Vayu-tattva prakarnam by Shaktayana : The subject of the book was wind and its operations in atmosphere.

19. Vaishvanar tantram by Narada : This was concerned with the science of fire. Electricity heat and magnetism are the subjects which come within the ambit of Vaishvanara, the fire.

20. Dhuma prakarnam by Narada : The knowledge of smokes flames and monsoon etc. was the main subject of the book.

21. Aushadhi kalpah by Atri : Exclusive concern of the treatise seems to be the medicine.

22. Valmiki ganitam by valmiki : Mainly concerned with mathematics.

 23. Dhanurveda was compiled by Aushanasa, Jamadagni and Bharadwaja. Rathacharya, Padaticharya, vyuha shastra, Rathasutra and Ashva sutra were available in the time of Mahabharata. Nakula was the author of the treatise dealing with horses while shalihotra produced the treatise on treatment of horses diseases. Hastisutra and Hastyayurveda were the treatises concerned with elephants, their species, diseases and treatments etc. Svayambhava wrote the book entitled yantramalika which dealt with machines, planes etc. Treatise on the subject of perfumery was available in the time of Mahuka, the writer of Harmekhamala.

  Scientific treatises on agriculture were compiled by Parashara and Briddhapa. Cattle, animal farming including domestication and animal husbandry was dealt with in the book whose authorship was assigned to Gautama. There were also treatises on Veterinary sciences, plant treatments etc. Treatises on architecture were written by 18 authors at various times. Bhrigu wrote his book on handicraft.

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