4 healthful benefits of sun rays in the vedas


4 healthful benefits of sun rays

The twenty second hymn of Kanda one and eighty third of Kanda six of the Atharva make us conversant with the idea of treating heart, kidney, lever etc. by means of Sun’s Rays. For an instance one verse from Atharva is quoted here.

 Shirshaktim shirshamayam karna shulan vilohitam. Sarvam shirshanyam te roga vahir nirmantrayaamahe.

                                – Atharva. 9.8.1

Translation :

Sun’s rays cure all pains and aches that rocks the head, earache, erysipelus and all the malady that wrings the brow. Here is being given a short data of the use of Sun’s Rays in various pains and diseases :

1. Rising sun destroys the worms.       ( Atharva 2.32.1 )

2. These worms cannot bear the sun.    ( Atharva 8.6.12 )

3. Sun-rays are effiacious in heart diseases and jaundice.

( Rg. 1.50.11 )

4. Rising sun cures the brainal diseases and limb-pains.

( Atharva 9.8.22 )

Hence we say that our ancient vedic medical science was very high quality as compared to today.