Agriculture Science In The Vedas

Agriculture Science In The Vedas

1. Yunaktu sira viyuga tanudhvam krite yonau vapateh bijam.   

vedic agriculture

ancient vedic agriculture science>>>>

Gira chasrustih sabhara asanno nediya it srinyah pakvameyat.

                                                – Yajuh. 12.68

2. Shunam suphala vikrishantu bhumim shunam kinasha abhiyatu vahaih.

Shunasira havisha toshmana supippala oshadhih kartanasme.

                                                – Yajuh. 12.69

3. Vrihayascha me yavascha me mashascha me tilascha me mudgascha me dhalvashcha me priyangavascha me anavascha me shyamakascha me nivarascha me godhumascha me masurascha me yajnena kalpantam.                                      – Yajuh. 18.12


Translation :

1. Harness the yokes and fasten well the traces. Sow seed in the formed furrow. With sweet song may we find hearing fraught with plenty and ripened grain approach near the sickle.

2. Let the ploughshares turn up the plough-land in happiness and let the hard-working ploughers go with the oxen in happiness. Air and sun nourishing the earth with water, cause our plants bear abundant fruit.

3. May the rice be for me, may the barley be for me, may the pulses and beans be for me, may sesamum and grains be for me, may kidney beans be for me, may vetches be for me, may Panicum frumentaceum be for me, may wild rice be for me and may wheat and lentils be for me. May all these grains prosper me and be procured through the skill and process of agricultural science.

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