Ancient Biology Science In TheVedas

Biology i.e Plant Science In Vedas

( Ancient Biology Science )

 1.  “Agnischa ma apaschame virudhascha me oshadhayascha me kristapachchyascha me akristapachchyascha me gramyascha me pashavascha aranyascha me.”

                         Yajuh. 18.14

 2.  “Vasantaya kapinjalanalabhate grishmaya kalvinkan varshabhhyastittirin chharde vartika hemantaya kakaranchhishiraya chharde vartika hemantaya kakaranchhishiraya vikakaran.”

                                                   Yajuh. 24.20


Trasnslation In English ( Ancient Biology Science )

                                                               ( )

    1.  May fire be for my use, may water be for my use, may creepers be for my use, may plants be for my use, may the product of ploughed land and product of unploughed land be for my use, and may the domestic animals and wild animals be for my use. May we receive the advantage from them through knowledge of plants and knowledge of animals. ( Ancient Biology Science Article)

    2.   An expert in the knowledge of animals finds kapinjalas in the sping, sparrows in summer ; partridger in the rains ; quails in autumn, kakaras in winter, vikakras in the Dewy season.

        In the chapter 24th of the Yajurveda there is a vast list of animals wild and domesticm, birds and those creatures which live in water . In Atharvaveda (12.1.49) there is mention of wild animals including Loin and tigers. Elephant and Asva etc. are described in Atharva 14.49.4.

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