architecture in vedas

architecture in vedas

architecture in vedas

ancient architecture in vedic period

 1. Ya dvipaksa chatuspaksa shatpaksa ya nimiyate.

  Astapaksam dashapaksam shalam manasya patnim agnirgarbha ivashaye.

                                           – Atharvaveda 9.3.21

2. Shatamashmanmayinam puramindro vyasyat. Divodasaya dashuse.

                                                             – Rg. 4.30.20

3. Vrajam krinuddhvam sa hi vo nripano varma sivyaddhvam bahula prithuni. Purah krinuddhvam ayasiradhrista ma vah susrochchamaso drinhta tam.

           – Rg. 10.101.8

architecture in vedas

Translation :

1. Like animal heat in the body and foetus in the womb I, the householder live in the houses which are built with two wings, four wings, six wings, eight wings and ten wings and are planned in appropriate measurement.

2. The ruler captures from enemies hundred fortresses of stone for deserving learned person.

3. O ye people, prepare the cowstal which be for your men’s safety, stitch your coats of armour wide and many, make iron forts, secure from all assailants, your yajna be not disturbed at all , make that strong and firm to continue.


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