Charity in The Veda (Rig Veda and Atharva Veda)

Charity in Rig Veda

charity in the Veda 1.


Let us become God’s instrument

And distribute fortune to the poor and the needy.

(Rig. 1.15.8)

Chairty in the Veda 2.

May those who earn honestely and give


Be firmly established in the world

And command respect in society.

May they dedicated their work to God!

(Rig. 1.15.9)

Charity in the Veda 3.

The liveral giver rises to divine radiance

And attain Godly powers.

(Rig. 5.34.7)  

Ancient Biology Science In TheVedas

Chairty in the Veda 4.

The Lord does not favour the dishonest rich

Who refuse to share their wealth

With the needy and the poor.

God snatches away the wealth of the greedy,

While He bestows riches on the generous.

(Rig. 5.34.7)

Chairty in the Veda 5.

O Lord Almighty, bestow on me

The privilege of enjoying the wealth

Earned by honest, hard labour.

(Rig. 8.4.17)  

Divine Assurance in the Rig veda & Sama veda

Chairty in the Veda 6.

Let a man think well of wealth and strive to

Win it

By the path or law and by worship;

Let him take counsel with his own inner


And grasp it with a still greater ability.

(Rig. 10.31.2) 

Spiritual Discipline in the Vedas

Chairty in the Veda 7.

Never gamble; be content

And enjoy the fruits of your honest labour.

Take to agriculture and harvest the wealth


Riches, thus acquired, alone give real


This is the sacred law of the Divine Lord.

(Rig. 10.34.13) 

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Charity in the Veda 8.

One who is selfish and feeds himself alone,

Refusing to share his food

With his starving brethren,

Is not fit to be a friend.

(Rig. 10.117.4)

Chairty in the Veda 9.

Let the fortunate rich fulfil

The needs of the poor.

Let his eye see the distant pathway of life;

The wheels of the wealth-chariot are ever


Richers come today to one, tomorrow to


Let everyone realize

That one day he may need the help of


(Rig. 10.117.5)

Chairty in the Veda 10.

Surely, the law of Providence is such

That the wealth earned through evil means

Is scattered away.

The wealth earned through pious means


Those who earn through dishonest means are


(Atharva. 7.115.4)

Chairty in the Veda 11.

May you earn as by a hundred hands

And disburse by a thousand!

When you are involved in benevolent work,

Your capacity to earn multiplies,

Increasing a hundredfold;

Those who give in a good cause

Are surely blessed by the Lord.

(Atharva. 3.24.5)

Chairty in the Veda 12.

O man, work with vigour and vitality

Drive away the devol of poverty and disease.

May your honest earnings support the people,

Engaged in benevolent deeds

For the welfare of society.

(Atharva. 6.81.1)

Chairty in the Veda 13.

O God, keep away from me

That wealth which brings about my fall,

And results in my defame,

Which entangles me

From all directions,

And withers me like a parasitic plant

That withers away the supporting tree;

O Supreme Lord of Wealth,

Thy hands are golden,

Bless me with that wealth

Which gives peace and joy.

(Atharva. 7.115.2)

Chairty in Atharva Veda 14.

One who hordes grain or money, and enjoys

All luxuries of life and remains indifferent to

Those who are poor and suffering from

starvation, will never find a true friend.

(Rig. 10.117.2)

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