Day and Night in the Vedas

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vedic science

Day and Night in the Vedas

 1.  Ahascha krishnam ahararjunam cha vivartete rajasivedyabhih. 

   Vaisbvanaro jayamano na rajavatirajjyotisa agnis tamansi.

                                                        – Rg. 6.9.1

2. yasyam krishnamarunam cha samhite ahoratre vihite bhumyamandhi.

  Varshena bhumih prithivi vritta vritta sa no dadhatu bha-draya priye

  dhamani dhamani.

                    – Atharva. 12.2.52

Day and Night in the Vedas

 Translation :

1.  Night is black and the day is white. Both of them play their part by

  their different activities on the earth and heaven. Vaisvanara Agni like

  rising sun dispels the darkness with its rays.

2.  The said grand earth on which the dark night and lustrous day are

   correlated to follow them one after another, rotating on orbit round of

   the sun through the year keep us all in all prosperity and pleasures.

   In Aitreya Brahman we find a very clear view of the night and day created by the rotation of the earth on its axis. It (4.29) says that the sun neither sets nor rises. It is the earth which by its rotation on its axis, causes sun-set, and sunrise or night and day.

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