Dayanand works: – which has been done for the country favour

Dayanand Works done for the Society

Dayanand wrote the following books for the benefit of posterity.

  1. Yajurved Bhashya And Rigveda Bhashya

The Yajur Ved Bhashya is complete : but Rig Veda Bhashya is upto Chaoter VII-61-2. The rest of Bhashya of Rig Ved could not be written dur to Dayanand’s Death.

The Bhashya is the most important work of Dayanand. Vedas are the bed rock of India’s religion, Culture and life. Students of Vedas must, however, keep in view the following observations about the Vedas:-           Divine Assurance in the Rig veda & Sama veda

:But a man, who is not a Rishi, who has but performed the austerities, whose mind is not pure and who does not possess learning cannot realize the meaning of the mantras.”

  1. God explained the meaning of the Vedas.


  1. Whenever Yogies and Maharishis went into Samadhi to find out the meaning of the Mantras, God revealed to them their meanings.



  1. “In the matter of Vedic Interpretation, I am convinced that whatever interpretation, Dayanand will be honored as the first discoverer of right clues. Amidst the chaos and obscurity of old ignorance and age-long misunderstanding his was the eye of direct version that piearced to the truth and fastened on that which was essential. He has found keys of the doors that had closed and rent asunder the seals of the imprisoned fountains”. 

    Origin of Thought and Language by Pt. Gurudatt


  1. There is then nothing fantastic in Dayanand’s idea that the Veda contains truth of science as well as truth of religion. I will even add my own conviction that Vedas contain other truths of science the modern world does not at all possess, and in that case Dayanand has rather understated than overstated the depth and range of the Vedic wisdom.” dayanand works



  1. The real thread of the sense is to be found in an inner meaning. That thread found, the hymns as logical and organic wholes and the expression, though alien in type to our modern way of thinking and speaking, became in its own style just and precise and since rather by economy of phrase than by excess, by over pregnancy rather than by poverty of sense. dayanand works


  1. The language of the Vedas itself is Sruti, a rhythm not composed by the intellect but heard, a rhythm word that came vibrating out of the infinite to the inner audience of the man who had previously made himself fit for the impersonal knowledge. 

    Pitfalls of Hinduism by Rishi Dayananda



  1. Nor is there, in my view, any good reasons to doubt that we have the hymns arranged for the most part, in the right order of their verses and in their exact enterity. The exception, if they exist, are negligible in number and importance. Where the hymns seem to us incoherent it is because we do not understand them. Once the clue is found, we describe that they are perfect wholes as admorable in the structure of their thought as in their languages and their rythms.  dayanand works


  1. Let it be not suppose that because there are several translations of the Rig Veda in English, French and German, therefore, all that the Vedas can teach us has been learnt, far from it. Every one of those translations has been put forward as tentative only. We are still on the surface of the Vedic literature.  dayanand works



  1. Though much time and labour has been spent on the Vedas in England and Germany, the time is not yet come for translating it as a whole. It is possible to translate it literally or in accordance with scholastic commentaries…


But with the exception of these simple petitions the whole world of Vedic ideas is so entirely beyond our won intellectual horizon, that instead of translating we can as yet, only guess conrrive.   dayanand works

Early Life of Dayanand Saraswati by Karam Narain Kapoor


As yet we see the Vedic age only as through a glass darkly. The first generation of Vedic scholars is passing away. It has done its work generation dig deeper and deeper. What is wanted is  the patience, but independent and original work. There is so much new ground still to be broken that the time has hardly come as yet for going again and again over the same ploughed field.

  1. It is impossible for one scholar, it will probably be impossible for one generation of scholars to buring the deciphering of the hymns of Rig Veda to a satisfactory conculsion.

B. Sandhya : It is a book a prayers, and contains 18 Mantras out of which 14 Mantras were taken from the Vedas. It is not known from which book 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 18th Mantras were taken. It was first printed in 1863 A.D.

This is the greatest legacy left by Dayanand for the following of Arya Samaj.  

C. Sayarth Prakash :- It was first published in 1875 ; it contained twelve chapters. The second and revised edition was published in 1882 and chapter thirteenth and fourteenth were also printed.

Swami Shraddhanand after great investigation came to the conclusion that Swami Dayanand used to dictate the text of Satyarth Prakash in Sanskrit and the pundits rendered his dictation in Hindi. They sometimes interpolated their own views in the compitant in place of the views expressed by Dayanand, who reviesed the book for the second edition. In this connection it may be noted that the mother tongue of Dayanand was Gujarati and he always used to give his public lectures in Sanskrit before he visited Calcutta. It was in Calcutta that the leaders of Brahm Samaj suggested to him to deliver his lecturers in Hindi because most of the people could not follow Sanskrit. Thus his knowledge of Hindi remained meegre and poor.Rig Veda- Bhashya Bhumika: – This is an introduction to his commentary on the Vedas and was published in 1877-78.  dayanand works

E. The following were other books written by Dayananda:

  1. Ashtadhayi Bhashya.
  2. Sanskrit Vakya Prabhodha.
  3. Bhranti Niwaran.
  4. Gokarana Nidhi.
  5. Vedanti Dhavan tamanvaranas.
  6. Punch Maha Yagya-Vidhi.      dayanand works
  7. Advaita-mat-Khandan.
  8. Bhagvat-Khandan.
  9. Ved-Virudh-mat-Khandan.
  10. Arya Bhivinaya.
  11. Arya Darshan Ratan Mala.
  12. Chaturved- Vishaya-Sookt.
  13. Sanskrit Vakya Probhodh.
  14. Vidan-Prakash.
  15. Bhramochchadanam.
  16. Autobiography.
  17. Gautam-Ahalya-Ki-Katha.   dayanand works
  • Karan Narayan Kapoor  

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