Divine Assurance in the Rig veda & Sama veda

7 Divine Assurance in the Rig Veda & Sama Veda

Divine Assurance 1. 

All the powers of existence help those who are

Involved in good benevolent work.


Ancient Telegraphy Science In Vedas

Divine Assurance 2.

His bounteous gifts, His divine wisdom and


वेदों में वर्णित बिना ईंधन के उड़ने वाले विमान vedic planes

Are given to His devotees as spontaneously

As ripe fruit drops from a loaded branch.


Water Ships in Vedas/ancient indian science in vedas in Rig Vedas

Divine Assurance  3.

A firm faith in God is the only ray of hope that

Penetrates this gloom of fear and ignorance.

(Rig.2.27.11)   Birth of Gold and Mineral in the Vedas 

Divine Assurance  4.

The one who has faith and trust in the lord

Invariably conquers adverse circumstances

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And emerges the winner, rich with bounty in

The struggle of life.

(Rig.4.23.4)    What is Layer of Atmosphere by Pandit Gurudutta Vidyarthi 

Divine Assurance  5.

The one who dedicates his life to the service of

The Lord, whom the lord takes in His loving

गाय के गोबर से उड़ेगा हवाई-जहाज़ australian-scientist-claims

Fold, finds himself twice blessed by the

Supreme celestial powers and basks happily in

The sunshine of God’s love.

(Rig.5.37.5)   Spiritual Discipline in the Vedas 

Divine Assurance  6.     

The pious soul who is ever awake in God is

Loved by divine hymns,

The sacred songs seek him:

Addressing him the Blissful Lord assures,

“I shall ever be your friend, fast and true.”

(Rig.5.44.14)  Vimana Shastra Free Pdf Download in hindi only for my Followers.

Divine Assurance  7.

O Resplendent Lord!

Thou never lettest Thy devotee

धातु विज्ञान पारा ancient metallurgy mercury

The philanthropist be humbled,

Thy bounty is showered on him

More and ever more.


भोज के समय में विज्ञान science at the time of bhoja


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