Early Life of Dayanand Saraswati by Karam Narain Kapoor

Early life of Dayanand Saraswati as a Reformer of Arya Samaj

Mulshankar was born in 1824 A.D. in the house of Karasanji, a wealthy man in the town of Tankara, Kathiawar, who held the office of Revenue Collector. Karasanji was a great devotee of Shiva and initiated his son, when he was ten years, in the cult of Shiva.

Some years later on the day of Sivaratri Karasanji and his son Mulshankar kept fast ans visited the temple to keep a vigil at night. Mulshankar was told by his father that if one sleeps during the vigil no merit would accrue to the devotee.  Early Life of Dayanand Saraswati

उत्तम पुरुष

उत्तम पुरुषों का संग क्यों जरुरी माना गया हैं ?

As night advanced all the devotees, including Karasanji and the priest, fell into the lap of sleep. Mulshankar, however, kept awake. Sometimes after he saw a mouse which began to eat the sweets which had been offered to the idol of Shiva by the devotees. Mulshankar was taught by his father that Shiva was the Creator and Lord of the Universe and was All-Powerful and All pervading. Doubts began to rise in his mind about the Omnipotence of Lord Shiva who could not protect himself from being defiled by a tiny mouse which could eat up the offerings made to him by the devotees.   Early Life of Dayanand Saraswati

He woke up his father and told him about the defilement of the idol by a tiny mouse. He frankly told his father that he had all faith in Shiva. His father told him that Lord Shiva Lives in Kailash Mountain and that it was his image which has been installed in the temple. Since Mulshankar wanted to go home his father sent him home with an escort. Mulshankar was feeling very hungry; he asked his mother for food and she gave him sweets he ate with great relish. Next morning when his father came to know that Mulshankar and broken the fast he scolded him. He tried to impress upon the son the enormity of sin; but the son could not bring himself to believe that the idol of Shiva was the All-pervading, All-powerful God who controlled and sustained the world.   Early Life of Dayanand Saraswati

Origin of Thought and Language by Pt. Gurudatt

When Mulshankar was eighteen years old his sister died. He felt greatly shaked at her death, he began to ponder over the question of life and death. He began to think that he too may die at any time. He determined to find out the way to avoid the miseries of death. Soon after this his uncle, who loved Mulshankar very much died. He was fully convinced that there was no charm in the worldly life. He often asked his relatives and other persons how one could avoid death and obtain salvation.   Early Life of Dayanand Saraswati

When his father and mother decided to know about the bent of his mind, they decided to marry him. But Mulshankar did not like to get into the snare of married life. So one evening in the year (1840 AD) Mulshankar secretly left his home, never to come back. He avoided the public thoroughfares, villages and localities in which he might be recognized. He visited the Sidhpur Mela where he hoped to find some learned Sanyasins. But he was apprehended by his father and the policemen who accompanied him. His father was terribly angry with him and kept him in the custody of the policemen who kept a strict watch over him day and night. But Mulshankar managed to escape from the captivity of the police at night. After roaming in various places Mulshankar came to Chanda Kanyali where he was intiated into Sanyas Ashram and named as Dayanand Saraswati.   Early Life of Dayanand Saraswati

In quest of Yogies :

Dayanand now set out in search of Yogies. He learnt Yoga from Jwalanand Puri and Shivanand Giri at Chanda and went to Abu to seek other well known Yogies. Later on he joined the Kumbha Mela at Hardwar from where he travelled to Rishi Kesh, Joshi Math, Badari Narayan, Drona Sagar I quest of Yogies. But his desire to acquire full knowledge of technique of Yoga remained unfulfilled. He roamed about on the banks of Narmada fron 1856 to 1859.   Early Life of Dayanand Saraswati

As Virjanand’s Pupil :

In the course of search of a Yogi, Dayanand lerant about Swami Virjanand who lived in Mathura. It is stated that Dayanand came to Mathura in May 1859 A.D. to become disciple of Guru Virjanand who had become blind at a very young age : but had acquired  a great mastery of Vedic lore in the course of wanderings in the Himalayas. Dayanand studied Panini’s grammar and other ancient Vedic Books at the feet of his Guru, who was greatly impressed by Dayanand’s intelligence and keen desire to study the Vedas. Dayanand remained a pupil of great Guru from 1859 to April 1863.   Early Life of Dayanand Saraswati

Pitfalls of Hinduism by Rishi Dayananda  

It is said that once Dayanand remained absent from school for three days. When Dayanand came to School the Guru strongly reprimanded him for hi absence and asked him to tell the truth as to why he absented himself from his studies. Dayanand told his Guru that in the morning after talking his bath in the river Jamuna he was sitting on the bank in deep contemplation when he felt the touch of someone at his feet. He opened his eyes and saw that a young women has placed her cold head also at his feet. He told the women that it was wrong for women to touch the feet of Sadhus. Then he jumped into the water of Jamuna and swan across to the other side of the river and remained in Samadhi for three days in the Jungle, This he did with a view to avoid any possibility of his mind being corrupted by the touch of a women. On hearing these words the Guru felt very much pleased. He was convinced that Dayanand would fulfills his heart’s desire for the propagation of Vedic Dharma.   Early Life of Dayanand Saraswati

When Dayanand completed his studies at Guru Virjanand’s School, he gave a solemn undertaking to his Guru that he would spend his whole life in preaching the knowledge of the Vedas. And this promise Dayanand kept during his life.

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