THIS is a quotation from the Shatapath Brahmana. It is a fact that a person becomes learned and wise, when blessed with three good instructors, viz,

(1) the mother, (2) the father, (3) the teacher.

Blessed is the  family, fortunate is the child, whose mother  and  father  are  righteous and learned ! Children  do  not  receive  so much  good and  benefit  of  education  from  any  other person  as  they  do from  the  mother  . None  loves  to  do  good  to  children  so  much  as  the  mother. Hence  the  scriptures  declare :

मातृमान् अर्थात् प्रशस्ता धर्मिकी माता विद्यते यस्य स मातृमान् ।

that is , he is blessed whose mother is praise worthy and pious . Blessed is that mother who teaches her child what constitutes good character from its birth till the completion of its education.

When boys and girls are five years old, they should be taught the Devanagari characters and also those of foreign languages. Then they should be made to learn by heart with meanings the Veda Mantras, such verses or shlokas, aphorisms, prose passages and poems as contain nice and salutary instruction, advice, and morals, and teach how to behave towards the Diety, mother, father, teacher, scholar, guest, king, subject, family, relative, sister, servant, and others, so that they may not be misled and duped by cheats.

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