Birth of Gold and Minerals in vedas

Birth of gold and Minerals in vedas

Says Atharvaveda (5.28.6.).

     “Tredhajutam janmanedam hiranyam agnerekam priyatamam babhuva. Somasyaikamh insitasya parapatata. Apamekam vedhasam reta ahuh tatte hiramyam trividastvayvise.”


Translation :

Triply born by birth is this gold, from the atoms of agnih is one, it becomes dearest to agnih, one fell away from the soma when it was hurt, one they call the seed of virtuous and powerful apah (watery molecules); let that triple gold be for your long life.

Brahmanas like Aitreya (1.23) and kausitaki (8.8) and Taittiriya ( give the idea that the earth is full of iron and its from is iron needles. This indication points out that the earth contains iron filings which have magnetic property:



Ashma cha me mrittika cha me giryascha me parvatascha me siktascha me vanaspatayascha me hiranyanchame ayascha me shyamancha me lohancha me sisancha me trapucha me yajnena kalpantam.

                                                     – Yajuh. 18.13

Translation :

May stone be for my use , may clay be for my use, may hills be for my use, may mountains be for my use, may sand be for my use, may trees be for my use, may gold be for my use, may bronze be for my use , may the copper be for my use, may the iron be for my use, may lead be for my use and may tin be for my use. All these serve my purpose through the knowledge and practical processes of Yajna, the mineralogy.


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