Organic Agriculture :- A New way of Healthy Life

The Need of organic agriculture-:

     In the words of Bankim chandra chatterji, we have nature’s bounties in the form of :-
” vande mataram! 
Sujlam, suphalam, malayaja shitalam,

Shasyashyamalam , matram! 

Ancient Biology Science In TheVedas

In the rapid pace of development we have inflicted serious damage to natural resources and we are now facing with question as where is that sujlam(clean water) ?, where is that suphlam(healthy crop), and where is that malayaja shitalam(refreshing air).

Agriculture Science In The Vedas

Pollution free environment is essential for sustaining life of all living beings on the earth. While technology induced farming is required for feeding the surging population, the excessive use of chemical fertilizer, pesticides and weedicides in agriculture has caused environmental imbalance and causing problems to all living being’s on the earth. Eco-friendly farming has emerged as the only answers to bring sustainability to agriculture. Organic agriculture is a production system which avoids or largely excludes the use of synthetic compounded fertilizer, pesticides, growth regulators and livestock feed additives.

Birth of Gold and Minerals in vedas

Organic agriculture as holistic food production manages system, which promote and enhances agro ecosystem health, including biodiversity, biological cycle and  soil biological activity.

__ Organic Agriculture Charcterstics__:

1_Maximal use of local resources.
2_ minimal use of purchased inputs.
3_increasing crop and animal diversity in the form of poly- culture, agro- forestry and live stock system.

____:Organic Agriculture METHODS_:

1_Mixed farming–  means the integration of crop and live stock production one the farm. Crop residues in animal husbandry and manures for crop production, agriculture and livestock depend on each other.
2_: Crop Rotation_: one crop per field per season, intercropping , mixed cropping, avoid to grow one crop throughout the year. One season grow cereal (wheat, rice), in the next season grow pluses ( moong, gram).
3_: Green manuring _: like dhaincha , sunheamp and cowpea and been buried them in the field with machines.
4_: Manure from live stock_: use only farm yard manure, night soil, poultry manure and oil cakes.
4_: Weed management_: manually or with machine, avoid herbicides.

5_: Pest control_: with the help of organic pesticides like neem oil and with the help of useful insects and biological agents like birds feed on pest.

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Above are the methods of organic agriculture, it is not much difficult. But yields loss in starting years, 2 or 3 years due to chemical containing soil. soil take 2-3 year for overcome from these chemical.
We will put one step to words organic agriculture for save environment and to produce food of high quality in sufficient quantity.
If we will save environment, then defiantly environment save us. If we  will give to nature then nature will give us.
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