Pitfalls of Hinduism by Rishi Dayananda

Losses and benefits of Hindu religion

Pitfalls of Hinduism :-

In the course of his extensive tours throughout the length and breadth of India, Dayanand has come into contract with Hindus of different creeds, sects and mental attainment. He studies of the Bedas and ancillary books and study of spurious books the following Pitfalls had developed in Hinduism :-

  1. Idol Worship :-                Instead of worship of formless, all powerful and All-pervading God, idols of imaginary gods and goddesses and dead person began to be worshipped. It was installed into the mind of the worshippers by the Crafty priests that those idols, when worshippers by the crafty priests that those idols, when worshipped would grant  all kinds of booms and blessings. Men began to have full faith in their idols and neglected their duties.

Divine Assurance in the Rig veda & Sama veda

The idols which came to be worshipped included those of Ram, Krishna, Sita, Hanuman, Mahavir, Buddha, Shankaracharya. In addition, idols of imaginary gods and goddesses, Shiva, Shankar, Mahadev, Ganesh, Parbati, Kali, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Shakti, Durga, Vaishno-Devi Bhairon Devi, Sheranwali, are being worshipped by the Hindus. Pitfalls of Hinduism

  1. Avtar-Vad i.e. Belief that God incarnates Himself.
  2. Anti Vedic Literature- Such as puranas, and Scriptures of anti-Vedic creeds and faith.
  3. Belief in Shraddha ceremonies in commomoratin of dead relatives.
  4. Child marriage.

    Charity in The Veda (Rig Veda and Atharva Veda)

“Hindu Marriage Act passed by the Government had done away with this evil.  Pitfalls of Hinduism

In his lectures, discussions and debates Dayanand criticized the then prevailing following creeds and faiths of Hindus which were anti-Vedic in many respects  :-

  • Jainism.
  • Buddhism.
  • Shaivism.
  • Vaishnavism.
  • Vedantism.
  • Charvakism.
  • Vama Marg.
  • Brahmo Samaj.
  • Prarthna Samaj.    Pitfalls of Hinduism
  • Kabir Panth.
  • Dadu Panth.
  • Gosain Mat.
  • Swami Narayan Mat.
  • Chakrant
  • Radha Swami Mat.

    Origin of Thought and Language by Pt. Gurudatt

Dyanand did not believe in pilgrimage to holy places like Haridwar, Benaras, Dwarka, Som Nath, Jaggannth Puri, Gaya, Badrinath, Kedarnath etc. No merit whatsoever accrues on accunt of pilgrimage to these places. He has cited the following verse in Satyarth Prakash (P.308) to prove the utter futility of such like beliefs.  Pitfalls of Hinduism


“He  who utters the name of Ganga even from a distance of 100 miles is freed from his sins.”

Such a belief and text only encourage sins because the doer is convinced in his mind that all his sins would be effaced if he utters the word Ganga from a distance even.    Pitfalls of Hinduism

Composition of water in Rig Veda by Pt. Gurudatta

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