Markandeya and Shiva Purans :-

Raja Bhoj :- Some men wrote the Markandeya Purana and Shiva Purana in the time of Raja Bhoja/Raja Bhoj  under the nom de plume of Vyasa. When the Raja Bhoj came to know of it, he punished the forgers by lopping off their hands , and he sent forth a proclamation to the effect that never in that of sages and philosophers of old. This account is given in the history written by Raja Bhoja/Raja Bhoj, called the Sanjivani . It is found with the Tivari Brahmins of Bhinda in the Gwalior state. It has been seen by the Rao of Lakhuna and his agent Chobay Ram Dayal.

Mahabharat :-

It is also plainly written in the same book that Vyasa composed 4,400 and his disciples 5,600 shlokas (distiches), i.e., 10,000 in all , which made up the whole Mahabharata (but it swelled to 20,000 in the time of Vikramaditya). Raja Bhoja said that it contained 25,000 verses in his father’s time and at the time of his manhood it contained 30,000 . If it went on increasing in that way , it would soon be a camel load. If books or Puranas were written , in the name of sages and philosophers, the Indian people would be deluded, deprived of the true Vedic religiion, and destroyed as a nation. This proclamation shows  that the Raja Bhoj had some love for the Vedas.         www.vedicpress.com

Science in India in the time of Raja Bhoja/Raja Bhoj :-

It appears from the Bhoja Prabandha that there were so very clever mechanics in the time of Raja Bhoja/Raja Bhoj and in his service that they made a horse-like machine, which went 11 kos or 22 miles in about one gharhi or 24 minutes , 27.5 kos or 55 miles in an hour. It moved both in the air and on land. Also, a fan was invented , which always moved automatically, i.e. without the agency of man , and agitated the air plentifully –    www.vedicpress.com

घट्यैकया कोशदशैकमश्वः सुकृत्रिमो गच्छति चारूगत्या ।

वायुं ददाति व्यजनं सुपुष्कलं विना मनुष्येण चलत्यजस्त्रम् ॥

Had these two inventions come down to these days , the Europeans wou’d not have been so puffed up with pride, as they are now-a-days .  


*  ( Light of Truth Page 296.)

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