ancient vedic science

vedic science


Iyam Vedih paroantah prithivya ayam yajno bhuvanasya nabhih. Ayam soma vrisno asvasya reto brahamyan vachah parmam vyoni.

– Rg. 1.164.34

Translation : This point (any point) is the centre of the earth (as the earth is round). This yajna (performed in Vedi) is also centre of bhuvam, the space lit up by one Sun. This soma, electricity is the powerful potency of the fire and the other is the great source of sound and speech. Here it has been said that any point of the earth is the centre of it. The earth is round and therefore, it is the case with this. Any point of a ball becomes its centre as it is round. Similarly , every point of the earth is its centre as the earth is global. 196 crore years ago omnipresent god gives us the knowledge of the vedas. So that millions of years ago the vedas gives the round shape of the earth. While on the other hand bible says that the earth is oval in shape. We all know that the quran is anti-scientific. This vedic mantra clearly tells us that the earth is round.

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