The Galaxies in The Vedas

The Galaxies in The Vedas

               The galacies are also inhabitants of space. They are greater in number. Regveda (10.68.11) gives a very clear picture of galaxies. The Verse reads thus :


         “Abhishyayam na krishmebhirasvam maksatrebhit pitaro dyam apinshan.

         Ratryam tamo adadhajyotirahan brihaspatir bhinad adrimvidadgah.”

                                                                   – Rg. 10.68.11


 Translation :


      The physical forces made the heavenly region (the space) resplendent with the various stars just as the people decorate the black horse with gold ornaments.  Brihaspatih , the allpervading electricity placed the darkness into night and light in the day. It destroyed the vast umbrella of darkness and found out the rays of light.

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      The galaxies which are made of a number of stars , are adornment of the stellar space. This idea has been clearly conveyed by the Regvedic verse referred to above. According to Shatapatha Brahmana (X. 4.4.4) the number of stars in our galaxy is 10800000.

 The Dust In The Space 

In the vedas term rejas is used for the dust. These tiny dust particles are found in space. Word pansu is also meant to express particles. In Yajurveda and also in Rgveda (1.22.17) term pansure has been for the intersellar space full of particles.

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