Ever since the carnivorous and intemperate foreigners who slaughter the cow and other animals established their rule in the country, the misery of the people has been steadily on the increase; for,

नष्टे मूले नैव फलं न पुष्पम् ॥                   –  (Chanakya X. 13.)                             

There can be no flowers and fruits of a tree when its root is cut off.

They (Man) should neither kill nor allow others to kill useful animals. For instance , one cow gives milk , clarified butter and calves, both males and females , to such an extent as her single generation sustains 475,600 persons with milk and food. To explain. Some cows give 20 sers or 40 lbs of milk and others but 2 sers or 4 lbs every day. Then the average supply of milk per cow will be 11 sers per diem. Also, some cows give milk for 18 months and others but 6 . Then the average time of milk supply per cow will be 12 months. Now, one cow gives so much milk during her life-time as to satisfy 24,960 persons at one time. She brings forth 6 bull and 6 heifer. If two of them die, they leave 10 behind. So the whole-life milk supply of 5 heifer will satisfy 125,800 persons at one time. The remaining 5 bulls can produce at least 5,000 maunds of grain, which will feed 25,000 persons at one time, if a person eats ¾ ser or 1 ¼ Ib a day at average. Now, both milk and grain together, produced by a cow and a bull during their life, will feed 374,800 persons at one time. There-fore , one cow in one generation will support 475,600 persons at one time.

If these generations be multiplied, innumerable people will be fed by this useful animal. Besides tilling lands, bulls do a great deal of service to human beings by driving carts and chariots and by carrying burden. The cow is very useful as a milch animal. Also, the buffalo is as useful as the bullock. Moreover, the milk of cows and its carified butter conduce more to the health of the brain than the milk of the buffalo. It is on this account that the Aryas consider the cow to be the most useful animal to mankind. Other learned people will also be of this opinion.

The milk of a goat during its life-time can feed so many as 25,920 persons at a time. In like manner, the elephant, the horse, the camel, the sheep, the ass and the like animals are very serviceable to man. Those who kill these animals, may be regarded as the murders of all. See, when the Aryas ruled over the land, these beneficant animals were not slaughtered. Then the people of Aryavarta and other countries of the world lived very happily; for, the abundance of milk, clarified butter, bulls and other cattle produced plenty of corn, milk and other food stuffs for the comfort of all.

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