vedic injunctions about dharm-and-adharm

vedic injunctions about dharm-and-adharm

(a) The wise men link their mind and intellect with God.(Rigved 5-81-1)

(b) May we acquire knowledge and remain away from ignorance. (AV 1-1)

(c) Doing your duty aspire to live for one hundred years.(Yajurved 40-2)

(d) May my mind entertain beneficial thoughts.(Yajurved 34-1-6)

(e) May we hear beneficial words with our ears and see beneficial objects with eyes. (Rigved 1-89-8)

(f) May I speak truth and remain away from falsehood. (Yajurved 1-5)

(g) Do not fear ; do not get agitated. (YV 1-23)

(h) Do not spoil your life. (YV 5-17)

(i) Do not become angry like a serpent and devour like a crocodile. (YV 6-12)

(j) Do not harm the living beings of the earth, air, as also vegetable kingdom. (YV – 11-45)

(k) Do not gamble. (RV – 10-34-13)

(l) He who eats alone acquire sin. (RV- 10-117-6)

(m) Do not covet the wealth of others. (YV 40-1)

(n) Earn wealth by thousand means and give it in charity by hundred means. (AV- 3-24-5) 10% of your earning.

(o) May there be a sweetness on the tip of my tongue as also on the root of my tongur. (AV- 1-39-21)

(p) May the wise-men purify me. (YV 19-39)

(q) May the son be obedient to his father and of same mend with his mother. May the wife speak sweet and calm words to her husband. (AV 3-30-21)


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