Water Ships in Vedas/ancient indian science in vedas in Rig Vedas

Water Ships in Vedas

water ships in vedas in Rig Vedas :-

 1. “Yaste pushannavo antah samudre hiranyairantarikshe charanti. Tabhiruyasi dutyam suryasya kamena krita shrava ichchhamanah.”                                                        Rg. 6.58.3.

2. “Aritram vam divasprithu tirthe sindhunam rathah. Dhiya yuyujra indavah.”                                                        Rg. 1.46.8.

3. “Anarambhame tadaviryethamanasthame agrabhane samudre. Yadashvina uhathurbhujyumastam shataritram nayamatasthivansau.                                                        Rg. 1.116.5.


Translation :

1. O protector of the subjects, by those attractive shining ships which are plied in the sea and in the air you accede to the sphere of the sun. Oh , you desiring wealth are eulogized by the subjects.

2. O king and scientist ! You both have your enormously heavy ships on the shores of the seas and all the means and knowledge visit you.

3. O king and scientist, it is the heroic deed of yours in the ocean which is unfathomable and supportless, that you carry the people sailing in the ship of hundred oars to their home.


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